Retirement Planning

Your financial tomorrow need to be constructed today. We will guide you to accumulate the required amount into shaping you life after your working years, and we will advise you on how to save for the third financial stage of your life.



the basic retirement pension, also known as old-age pension, is currently payable to every Mauritian citizen aged 60 years and above, subject to residency conditions. The projection for the number of pensioners in the year 2054 is an increase to 342,700. This prompts us to reflect on the capacity of the National Pension Fund to sustain that 1.49% annual increase in the number of pensions. If you are now 30 years of age, and currently needing Rs 25,000 for your monthly expenses, you will require Rs 59,330, to be inflation-adjusted, per month in 35 years, at your retirement at the age of 65, to sustain the same standard of living.

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