Loan Management

A loan is a conduit to achieve financial progress. We will counsel you on the different ways to put your ideas and projects to work and we will advise you how to apply, manage, use, finance, and refinance your actual or forthcoming credits.



many a time when a person takes a loan, the momentum of the event makes it such that he/she is more worried about satisfying the requirements and the intents behind taking the loan, than considering the financial implications of the facility over time. For your reference, do you know how much interest you will pay on a Rs.1 million loan, say at 9% interest per annum, over let us say, 25 years? The answer is Rs.1,517,589 as interest only, in addition to the reimbursement of the Rs.1 million of capital. Total outlay over the 25 years for the Rs 1.million loan will be thus Rs.2,517,589.

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